IT Performance, efficiency and innovation

From our 20 Years’ experience in IT and networking, IT performance was created to offer your company complete and efficient tailored solutions. Using our various technical knowledge to build innovative solution matching your requirements. Everything is possible.

Your IT and Networking : Simple, reliable and affordable.

IT performance takes care of the complete deployment of your IT and network infrastructure.
To make it possible, ITP understand your business and make the IT fit your vision, not the other way around.
IT is our passion, we transform this passion into tools to make all the difference for your company in a competitive business world.

To achieve this goal, we partnership with key leader companies like Juniper, VMWare and BitDefender that helps us moving toward future technologies.
Using Cloud at its best by migrate services like backups, mails and Web to reduce site costs.
We master major software brand including Linux based system.

Let’s meet and check on your need and how we can help you achieve your goal.