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Application Design


Server application wich purpose is to take data from several source in order to produce a single comprehensive record.
Ex : comprehend a products with whole its components using a single serial number, generate statistics on warranty by product or component


Server application taking data from several sources and, depending on external elements and rules, define treatment to execute.
Ex : Billing application


Extract relevant data from source and share it with third party applications.

Workflow Management

Application which purpose is to match customer workflow, most of the time a Client/Server application giving each employee the information he needs to fulfill his specific task having defined rules applied on a case by case basis.


Production Control

Factory control program optimizing production and assembly of products



IN / OUT goods control labeling and shipment.

Field worker information sharing

Application used by employee outside the company premise like maintenance and intervention planning or delivery follow up.


Company to Customer information flow

  • Application witch purpose is to provide Customized information based on specific profile to customer like price list or realtime product availability.
  • Secure Document sharing.



Full E commerce site having not standard functionalities or

Complementary application inserted in an existing web site providing information to customer or allowing customer to input information needed to complete an order.

Ex : upload and modification of a picture to be printed.